Purposely bred with predictability in temperament, attitude and structure, generation after generation!

My first introduction to the Miniature Pinscher came about by accident. My veterinarian asked me to rescue an abused Min Pin.  My vet assured me that the people who owned the dog no longer wanted it and would be willing to give him up. I must say that I was very hesitant to take him when I did see him. He was very aggressive and scared to death. It was easy to see that he was badly treated. It took me almost 2 years of gentle handling and utmost patience to help him realize that life was not all bad. He is such a changed boy that you would not recognize him as the scared, neglected puppy who came to live with me. Less than two years later, I had occasion to rescue one more. This one was very poorly bred and has had numerous emergency visits to my vet. Both these boys are neutered and a very important part of my life. The knowledge I gained from them has been invaluable.

Member in good standing of The Canadian Kennel Club
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I owe an on-going debt of gratitude to Myrna Keyser of Teralea Miniature Pinschers.  She was and continues to be my most valuable asset with a wealth of knowledge about the Miniature Pinscher as well as being my mentor and a very close friend.
This is my ad for the 2019 Top Dog issue of Canadian Dog Fanciers. The smiling boy in my arms is Grand Champion Tyramara's Time is Tight (Booker). He is the son of Cutiepatootie, whose picture is on the champions page. The three little girls are all Champion daughters out of Ch. Teralea's Blonde Ambition, named for me. I took all four of them out on the show circuit for 2018 and this was the result. I treated myself to this stellar picture of the 4 dogs and myself as a special memory to cherish.