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The Miniature Pinscher is noted for its lively temperament, energy, curiosity and intelligence.  They are spirited and animated with a friendly disposition making them an equally good pet with adults or children, as long as children are taught that this is a small dog and can be injured if played with too roughly.

They are proud, vigorous and playful, even in old age, and  very possessive of their loved ones, fearless when on guard. They like to bark when strangers approach, which makes them a fairly good watch dog, but not a guard dog.
They are excellent apartment or condo dogs, but they do require outdoor exercise to dispel some of their energy. They should always be kept on a  lead when out for walks to prevent their running after small birds, squirrels, paper or leaves that are blowing around in the wind or anything that moves in their vicinity. If given the chance they will try to escape from any outdoor enclosure, either by digging under or climbing over, especially if they see something intriguing just out of their reach! This behaviour comes from the original hunting instinct that is still inherent in the breed today.

Where we are now located we have lots of gophers around the big open area where the min pins play. One of my females was so determined to find out what those creatures were that she not only dug her way under the fence, but through the tall grass to find and finish off that gopher!
Because I know the curiosity of min pins, I was not far away and was able to catch up to her in short order. Imagine my surprise when she came trotting up to me dragging this dead gopher that was bigger then she was!

She had such a look of pride on her face that it was one of those priceless moments that you get when you have one of these fascinating little dogs.  Absolutely incredible that she was able to catch one of those critters when coyotes have a hard time catching one for their dinner.

I don’t know of any min pin that likes cold or wet weather. On days like that they'll be curled up under a blanket or in their cuddle bags. Warm summer days find them laying out in the sunshine, no matter how hot it gets.
Min pins make good performance dogs as they have the drive and energy to perform well. They are smart, energetic little dogs with a love of food, which makes training easier. They love to show off and are a very proud breed that does well in the show ring.
They are always eager to learn and experience new surroundings and they will make you laugh out loud at their antics. They have a wonderful sense of humour. You can’t help but be entertained when you watch them try to figure something out or try to get at some toy or bone that is just out of reach.
When they want their cuddles they will stand up on your chest and push their face into yours, no matter what you may be doing. They are feisty dogs and have no fear of bigger dogs as they feel that they are bigger than they actually are.

Miniature pinschers are like potato chips, once you have one you’ll always want another. I have never regretted getting my first min pin and could not imagine my life without them.

My first introduction to the Miniature Pinscher came about by accident. My veterinarian asked me to rescue an abused Min Pin.  My vet assured me that the people who owned the dog no longer wanted it and would be willing to give him up. I must say that I was very hesitant to take him when I did see him. He was very aggressive and scared to death. It was easy to see that he was badly treated. It took me almost 2 years of gentle handling and utmost patience to help him realize that life was not all bad. He is such a changed boy that you would not recognize him as the scared, neglected puppy who came to live with me. Less than two years later, I had occasion to rescue one more. This one was very poorly bred and has had numerous emergency visits to my vet. Both these boys are neutered and a very important part of my life. The knowledge I gained from them has been invaluable.

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I owe an on-going debt of gratitude to Myrna Keyser of Teralea Miniature Pinschers.  She was and continues to be my most valuable asset with a wealth of knowledge about the Miniature Pinscher as well as being my mentor and a very close friend.