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After careful consideration, I have come to the difficult decision to no longer breed and show my beloved miniature pinschers. After a very successful 2018 season with my min pins, Covid 19 entered the picture and stopped everything! By the time it was safe to go out to the shows and interact with the public again, it was too late. Both my girls are now 5 years old and I usually stop breeding when they get to that age. My boy is now 6 and I could still use him, but my heart is not in getting another female and starting again. I always found it difficult to find very good, knowledgeable homes for my pups and there is just not enough competition in the show ring for me to continue.  I have not completely abandoned breeding and showing dogs, I have gone back into the breed I started in many years ago, the miniature poodle.  Thank you to all the people who have my puppies and enjoyed the pictures and accomplishments I have had with miniature pinschers over the years.
Booker x Harlow puppies at 5 weeks of age.
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